New York Pushing for Online Poker in 2015

BIG:W;hile the legislatures in California and Pennsylvania will seriously consider regulating online poker in 2015, a push is on to add New York to that list.

“Let NY Play” is the slogan behind the support and includes an online petition to sign for those in favor of legalized online poker in the Empire State. Part of the rallying cry behind the push is the fact that neighbors in New Jersey have been playing Internet poker legally since late 2013.

The campaign reportedly originated from the brain trust at MGM Resorts, who commissioned studies to determine how much revenue can likely be obtained for the state by approving ipoker legislation. Estimates indicate that New Yorkers currently wager $110 million on poker sites that are not regulated, the New York Times reported.

Additional estimates derived from the research show that New York can gain anywhere from $50 million to $80 million annually. License fees placed on the sites wishing to do business in New York can add another $80 million or so.