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Munich Shootings Linked to CS:GO; TV Station Bans ELeague Coverage; But What’s Really Going on?

After a TV station in Germany cancels coverage of Turner Broadcast’s ELeague Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament after Bavarian investigators link the game to a murderous rampage in Munich, Lee Davy ponders if video games are to blame for such atrocities?

Late Friday afternoon, a child walks into a McDonald’s bathroom in Munich, Germany. Anyone who has visited the loo in Ronald’s home knows it’s tight. There isn’t much wiggle room. And the child sees a teenager loading a Glock-17 pistol.

He probably thought it was a Happy Meal toy.

My name is Lee. I am half Chinese. My mother named me after Bruce Lee. When I was 10, I watched Enter the Dragon and then proceeded to batter my 8-year old sister with as many karate moves as I could muster. Later that year I watched the movie American Ninja, made a sword out of a branch, and would push the playground swings as high as I could and then dodge them as if I was a ninja. When my mates and I got into American wrestling, we created a ring made out of mattresses, recorded entrance music, made costumes, and beat the shit out of each other.

WPN CEO Philip Nagy Declares War on The Bots

A fortnight after themadbotter suggested that the Winning Poker Network was bot friendly their CEO, Philip Nagy, has told viewers on Twitter that he is declaring war on the bot operators; said there would be casualties, and the network will be the most bot-unfriendly site in the biz within a month.

When I was a lad, I would get my rocks off watching Confessions of a Window Cleaner on my parents Betamax. Today, I much prefer watching Confessions of an Online Poker Bot Operator on 2+2.

A fortnight ago, a 2+2 poster by the name of themadbotter allowed the world of online poker a glimpse into the dark world of online poker bot operations. He told his warts and all story about winning over $30,000 during a six-month period programming a bot to play on his behalf in low stakes cash games on The Winning Poker Network (WPN).

To rub salt into the wounds, themadbotter not only alleged that it was easy to beat the security on WPN but went as far as to say that the site was ‘bot friendly.’ He also suggested that bots represented their ‘best type of customers’ giving off the impression that it was within the WPN’s business interests to watch reruns of Confessions of a Window Cleaner rather than deal with the problem at hand.

FIFA 2015 Puskas Award Winner Quits Pro Football to be an eSports Athlete

After Wendell Silva Lira quit a career as a professional footballer to pick up the FIFA controller and compete electronically, Lee Davy wonders if there will be a day when eSports replaces physical sports.

I am 10-years old and bored.

I love football but don’t own a football. My parents can’t afford one. I roll up a pair of socks. The kitchen door is one goal. The front door is another goal. The hallway is Old Trafford. My 8-year old sister is the opposition.

“Can we stop playing?” Moans my sister as I score my 10th goal without reply.

Celina Lin: Happy no Matter What

Lee Davy sits down with the head of the Global Poker League’s Hong Kong Stars, Celina Lin, to get the lowdown on why she chose poker as a profession, the theme that continually runs through her life, and much more.

What is it like to represent the largest online poker room in the world in one of their most important markets? What is life like as the head of the Global Poker League (GPL) Hong Kong Stars?

Celina Lin answers those questions and much more including why she chose a career in poker, her heroes, her villains, her favourite books, and much, much more.

Check it out.

SBTech Secures Software Licence in Malta

August 1, 2016 | SBTech, a world-leading provider of online Sportsbetting solutions, management services and iGaming platforms, has been awarded a full Class 4 Remote Gaming License by the Maltese Gaming Authority.

The Maltese licence adds to SBTech’s ever-increasing portfolio of European permits, as the company continues to expand its operations across the continent and beyond.

SBTech’s expertise in equipping international operators with intelligent, localised sportsbook offerings is based on unrivalled industry knowledge, and is at the core of its exponential growth in recent years.

Richard Carter, CEO of SBTech, explains: “Our ongoing strategy is to increase the number of markets we are licenced to operate in, in order to offer our tailor-made services to the new generation of Sportbetting platforms.  Thanks to the efficiency and professionalism of both the Maltese Gaming Authority and our in-house legal team, I am delighted to confirm that we have fulfilled all the requirements and have secured this much sought-after licence.”

Poker Players Alliance Instructs Poker Players to Take Action in August

The Poker Players Alliance suggests now is a great time for poker players to contact their lawmakers. The United States Congress has already begun its seven-week break. That means lawmakers are at home with their families instead of busy fighting about the country in Washington D.C. As it stands, only three states have licensed, regulated […]

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