10 Poker Industry Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following in 2015

Last week, PokerUpdate’s Steve Ruddock released his list of must follow Twitter accounts for the iGaming industry in 2015. While there are many out there interested in the ever-growing industry, many more of you are all about the game itself.

The poker world has embraced Twitter with open arms and it is regularly used as a way to disseminate news, report results, and even rib other players. This week, I present to you a list of ten “must follow” poker industry Twitter accounts for 2015.

In picking this list, I tried to find a proper balance between entertainment and information sharing. Being a popular poker player is simply not a strong enough criterion; otherwise, Phil Ivey would be tops on the list. If you want to keep on top of most things poker, these are accounts you should follow.

Kevin Mathers – Kevmath – If you’re a poker fan and aren’t already following Kevmath on Twitter, you’re doing it wrong. Kevin Mathers is Bluff Magazine’s “Manager of Poker Information” and may have the greatest breadth of knowledge of anyone in the poker media. If the story is important, odds are that it will be on his feed. Need an answer to a poker-related question? Ask him and chances are he can find the answer.