A Bitcoin world: with Dr Craig Wright

This event is part of the “We Are Fascinating Project” season of talks from entertaining experts and insightful individuals. The talks will each be capped off with a Q&A between the speaker and the audience. It’s a social, it’s a learning opportunity, it’s a little like an interactive book…where the reader gets to ask direct questions to the author.

Our speaker Dr. Craig Wright is an Australian computer scientist, businessman and inventor who challenges the world with visionary ideas. Currently, he is Chief Scientist for nChain – the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies.

Since emerging in 2009, Bitcoin has generated much interest as a cryptocurrency and the future of money. But what if bitcoin is far more?

Learn from visionary scientist Dr. Craig Wright, one of the earliest minds behind bitcoin, about his vision of a world with wide-scale adoption of both the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin network as a transformative technology platform. Bitcoin’s underlying technology platform is the blockchain, a distributed decentralised ledger that chronologically transactions in an immutable way.