Hellmuth, Negreanu, Polk, Tony G Tangled in Proposed Heads-Up Challenges

Phil Hellmuth challenging Doug Polk to a heads-up match sparked a chain reaction of potential heads-up competitions, although we may never get to see any of them.

There’s virtually no way Phil Hellmuth and Doug Polk will actually play. (Image: YouTube)

Polk recently finished off a beatdown of Daniel Negreanu in a 25,000-hand heads-up match. He won $1.2 million at $200/$400 stakes, completely obliterating his rival. Afterwards, the “Poker Brat” popped off, criticizing Negreanu’s play. The 15-time bracelet champion, in the same interview with PokerGo, said he challenged Polk to some heads-up poker.

Polk, however, claimed in a tweet that the offer was unreasonable, so he turned it down. He also has said numerous times recently that he has no interest in playing new challenges, even if Negreanu asked for a rematch, although he hasn’t officially said he’d for sure turn down the offer. Just don’t expect him to play as he’s made it clear he no longer enjoys poker.