Life Sentences Handed Out in Mehmet Hassan Case; Lock Poker Lose Gaming License

Two life sentences have been handed out to the people responsible for murdering 56-year-old gambler, Mehmet Hassan, and a third received 16-years for manslaughter. Lock Poker loses their Curacao gaming license.

The three people responsible for killing 56-year-old London-based gambler Mehmet Hassan, are behind bars, after Judge William Kennedy handed down their sentences this week.

Kyrron Jackson, 28, and Nicholas Chandler, 29, both received life sentences with a minimum term of 36-years, after they were found guilty of tying Hassan up, and then beating him to death, before ransacking his flat in Islington.

The pair gained access to his home after Leonie Granger, 25, built up a relationship with Hassan, in a honeytrap plot designed to rob him of thousands of pounds that he had stored in his flat.