VKTRY Insoles Bounce Their Way To Gold Medal Success In Tokyo

The summer-long growth of elite athletes and rising stars using VKTRY GEAR, the fast growing, industry leader in Performance Insoles for heightened performance and injury protection, literally reached a gold standard this past week, when Olympians Jordan Larson and Haleigh Washington led Team USA to its first-ever indoor volleyball gold medal, defeating Brazil to take the historic title. Larson and Washington were two of several members of Team USA to wear VKTRY, and their title further enhanced the growing popularity of the innovative insoles.

The win extends the company’s Olympic tradition. As VKTRY Insoles were originally invented for the US Olympic Bobsled Team to improve athletic explosiveness. In 2010, these carbon fiber insoles helped Team USA win gold in the 4-man bobsled – first time in 62 years.

“We congratulate Jordan, Haleigh and the whole team on their success and are proud to have played a small part in their performance, health and wellness,” said VKTRY CEO Steve Wasik. “We have some of the best athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA and now on the world stage using our VKs to maximize performance and minimize injuries.”

“I’ve been really impressed with how VKTRY Insoles have helped me increase my vertical, even at my age,” said Larson, Team USA Captain. “I felt the difference immediately when I put these insoles into my shoes – Wow!”

“I’ve struggled with good foot support for my entire athletic career,” added Washington. “VKTRY has made a difference in my comfort, my explosiveness, and how my feet feel when I play!”

Larson is one of the most decorated athletes in the sport of volleyball. An All-American at The University of Nebraska she is now a three-time Olympic medalist. Larson won gold with the national team at the 2014 World Championship, the Rimini Volleyball Nations League, and the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, silver at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, and bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. VKTRY has been a key part of her success in career longevity and injury recovery. Washington, a three time All-American at Penn State, and key member of the 2014 NCAA Championship team, won gold as a middle blocker in her first Olympics.

The volleyball success is the latest in a series of continued growth for the company. In June, the company announced that Basketball Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady joined the company as both a brand ambassador and a member of their growing athlete advisory team. Then in July, The Foot & Ankle Research and Innovation Laboratory at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital completed a 12-month long, IRB-approved, randomized control trial of VKTRY Performance Insoles used in the treatment of 1st Metatarsophalangeal (MTP) arthritis, commonly known as “Turf Toe.” The study showed that VKTRY carbon fiber insoles proved to be a statistically significant better solution for patients than the traditional treatment. Patients reported a demonstrable improvement in comfort and pain management with the VKTRY Insoles.

Additional announcements are expected in the next few weeks.

Made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, VKTRY Insoles store and return energy to the athlete. They also provide a “spring-like” effect to improve shock absorption and reduce the load and stress on the athlete’s body. In independent performance testing, athletes wearing VKs increased their broad jump by an average of +4.0”, their vert by +1.6” and improved their 40 times by 0.12 seconds.

Because all athletes are not alike, VKs are customized based on the size of the athlete and the sport or activity. VKTRY Insoles are available in five different levels of flexibility to optimize performance, protection and comfort. Athletes at more than 300 professional and college teams wear VKTRY Insoles for training and competition. A recent study of 263 NCAA athletes showed 41% less foot injuries and 22% less lower leg injuries when athletes use VKs. More and more people are discovering the benefits of energy return, improved stability and the shock absorption that VKs provide.

During the 2020 NFL season, a record number of over 200 NFL players, from 29 of 32 clubs, wore VKTRY’S carbon fiber insoles, a 300% increase from 2019. Some of the brightest young stars and respected veterans in the NFL, including Cleveland Browns RB Nick Chubb, LV Raiders RB Josh Jacobs, Washington RB Antonio Gibson, Buffalo Bills RB Devin Singletary, SF 49ers WR “Deebo” Samuel, Seattle Seahawks WR DK Metcalf, NY Jets Williams, Buffalo Bills CB Josh Norman, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans WR Anthony Miller, LA Chargers OT Brian Bulaga, Denver Broncos TE Noah Fant, New York Giants TE Evan Engram, Minnesota Vikings WR Justin Jefferson, Pittsburgh Steelers LB Devin Bush and many more have embraced the benefits of VKTRY Insoles.