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Seven super cool poker quotes to inspire you

Poker, to many, is the Cadillac of card games. Stretching out forever, perceived as cool by may outside the game, how can you always feel like a winner when you’re playing the game day in day out?  

Well, you can start by reading these super-cool poker quotes. From a swinging sixties singer to the Devilfish, being cool and playing poker is made to sound easy by these legends.

1. “If there is one ‘X Factor’ that unites all great poker players, it’s their willingness to play aggressive poker.” 

Phil Gordon hits the nail on the head when he speaks about the importance of aggression in poker. The game has gotten a lot more aggressive in recent decades, of course, and this call on what gives poker players their ‘X Factor’ still stands.

Poker Idols – T.J. Cloutier

The life of a poker player can often be summarized by a style, a trophy or sometimes, a single hand. In the case of T.J. Cloutier, however, his is a legacy that is more of a consistent presence in the game, and one that will never be forgotten.

What is the background of Cloutier? It’s an at-times surprising rise to fame and fortune for a former sports star turned poker pro.

Let’s go right back to the beginning and find out about a true poker idol.

Born and Bred in Cali

Premier League Review – Gameweek #21

Another entertaining week in the English Premier League saw some shock results, a first victory for Thomas Tuchel at Chelsea and a couple of extremely disappointing performances from the Manchester clubs.

Elsewhere, however, Leeds United won away at Leicester, Newcastle got a vital three points on the road too at Goodison Park and West Ham and Liverpool played out a bruising encounter in East London.

Let’s take a look back at all the action of a very busy weekend full of English Premier League fixtures.

Everton 0-2 Newcastle United

Doug Polk Disinterested in Tackling Additional Heads-Up Challenges

Doug Polk appears to be headed towards poker retirement, again. Again. That is assuming he sticks to his recent Twitter comments.

Doug Polk is done with poker yet again. (Image: Upswing Poker)

The Upswing Poker founder is in the midst of a lengthy heads-up battle against his long-time rival Daniel Negreanu. His lead ($736,000), with under 5,000 hands remaining, seems to be nearly insurmountable barring a miracle. So, he’s likely going to win a bunch of money from “DNegs” along with his massive side bets against other gamblers.

Polk came out of retirement to play in this challenge. Outside of prepping for the match for two months, he hadn’t played poker in more than a year. And it had been a few years since he played regularly. The three-time WSOP bracelet winner said when he “retired” in 2018 that he no longer enjoyed the game, and that playing poker gives him anxiety.

Did Poker Player’s WallStreetBets Reddit Post Help GameStop Stock Close Strong on Friday?

Poker player Daniel Moravec may have helped the GameStop stock price rise late Friday due to a viral post he made on the subreddit forum WallStreetBets. The Minnesota native, who spoke with CardsChat News, discovered a trick to help heavily bankrolled investors buy restricted stocks from Robinhood and other trading apps.

Did this poker player cause a late surge for GameStop stock on Friday? (Image: CardsChat News)

Although the company is headed towards bankruptcy due to its failing stores nationwide, GameStop’s stock (GME) price has risen to unthinkable heights the past week due to a push from Reddit investors such as Moravec, a passionate poker player who now resides in Las Vegas, on the WallStreetBets forum.

The video game retailer’s stock has gone from under $20 per share a few weeks ago to a closing price of $325 on Friday. Earlier in the day, it surpassed $400. Many investors made a killing this past week and believe this is only the beginning. Some investors on Reddit and Twitter anticipate an eventual $1,000 mark.