Betting tout Adam Meyer may have been federal snitch after all

Disgraced sports betting tout Adam Meyer may have actually been a federal snitch after all, according to unsealed court documents.

Meyer, who formerly headed up the Real Money Sports tout service, pled guilty last September to felony extortion and racketeering charges stemming from his point-of-a-gun shakedown of Gary Sadoff, a wealthy Wisconsin businessman and former Real Money Sports client, from whom Meyer extorted over $45m.

Meyer is due to be sentenced in US District Court next month. His lawyers are seeking a jail stint of no more than five years while prosecutors have committed to asking for no more than 12 years in stripes.

Meyer’s attorneys filed a lengthy sentencing memo with the court explaining why their client deserves a break. The memo was filed under seal, based on the attorneys’ claims that its contents would be “problematic” for Meyer if they were made public. But the judge rejected this request and the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel got a peek at the unsealed memo’s contents.