Call of Duty aligns with TeamSpeak for new season

It’s been around since 2003 and the most popular first-person shooter since shortly afterwards. Every year, on release date, legions of ‘CoD’ fans will take a day off and play Call of Duty from dawn until dusk.

The latest innovation for CoD fans is one that few will notice but without knowing it, many if not all players will appreciate the difference – Call of duty is partnering with TeamSpeak.

In what is initially a three-year partnership deal, Call of Duty’s new broadcast communications partner has arguably the biggest job of any since the game’s inception, namely keeping millions of CoD players speaking during a lockdown that has affected the entire world since the global pandemic of Coronavirus was announced.

While the deal, which runs until 2023 will primarily be enjoyed online, as soon as Call of duty comes back to live arena events, TeamSpeak will be ‘on comms’ throughout. From stadium announcements to in-game orders between squad-mates, TeamSpeak are the name behind the next three years of CoD voices.