City of Dreams Manila plans for soft reopening as COVID-19 cases spike

Although the future of Manila’s COVID-19 situation appears to still be very much in doubt, City of Dreams (CoD) is betting on a soft re-opening in the near future. Local media reports the resort has started setting up free COVID-19 testing for employees, a necessary step for customer facing businesses as the Philippines begins to reopen its economy.

Testing booths have been set up inside the resort’s property, following standards put out by the Department of Health (DOH) standards. CoD will also be housing employees at nearby hotels and providing them shuttle services, removing them from the general population and reducing the probability that COVID-19 will infect them.

“The well-being of our colleagues is our paramount concern, moreso in these fragile times as we welcome them back to work. Doing the tests will help ensure not only their safety and good health, but also that of our guests,” said COO Kevin Benning.

The resort will also introduce a training program for all staff called “Play it Safe,” getting everyone up to speed on the strict protocols that will have to be followed to keep the resort clean, and visitors safe.