Munich Shootings Linked to CS:GO; TV Station Bans ELeague Coverage; But What’s Really Going on?

After a TV station in Germany cancels coverage of Turner Broadcast’s ELeague Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament after Bavarian investigators link the game to a murderous rampage in Munich, Lee Davy ponders if video games are to blame for such atrocities?

Late Friday afternoon, a child walks into a McDonald’s bathroom in Munich, Germany. Anyone who has visited the loo in Ronald’s home knows it’s tight. There isn’t much wiggle room. And the child sees a teenager loading a Glock-17 pistol.

He probably thought it was a Happy Meal toy.

My name is Lee. I am half Chinese. My mother named me after Bruce Lee. When I was 10, I watched Enter the Dragon and then proceeded to batter my 8-year old sister with as many karate moves as I could muster. Later that year I watched the movie American Ninja, made a sword out of a branch, and would push the playground swings as high as I could and then dodge them as if I was a ninja. When my mates and I got into American wrestling, we created a ring made out of mattresses, recorded entrance music, made costumes, and beat the shit out of each other.