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Entain Foundation U.S. Launches 2nd Edition Of Responsible Gambling App

Entain Foundation U.S., the non-profit dedicated to responsible gambling and funded by Entain, the global sports betting, gaming, and interactive entertainment group, announces the second edition launch of Gamble Responsibly America.

This first-of-its-kind mobile app provides practical tools, assistance and advice to anyone facing potential issues with problem gambling. It has been comprehensively updated with new and improved features in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese. Available in the App Store and Google Play Store, the free app is unbranded and brings no commercial benefit to Entain or BetMGM, the U.S. business it jointly owns with MGM Resorts International.

Gamble Responsibly America’s improvements center around two areas: greater educational information about problem gambling, and more tools for users to access help and support. The app’s educational categories include discussions about disordered gambling, behavioral markers of concern, establishing limits, frequently asked questions, and informative videos about responsible gambling.

The app also provides self-assessment tools, including a daily gambling diary, and shows how users can access help, including a live chat feature and links to an extensive array of support services and organizations.

One such organization is Kindbridge, accessible through app. As the world’s first teletherapy company which supports gamblers and gamers struggling with their mental health, Kindbridge provides access to online professional mental health counselors and specialized support services. Kindbridge and the Entain Foundation U.S. also partnered with Game Quitters to launch the Mind Your Game campaign last year – a series of educational videos to reduce gaming and gambling-related harm in esports.

The app also links to My Wager Score, a platform designed to protect sports bettors’ financial health and minimize the risk of harmful play using real-time affordability data.

“The first version of Gamble Responsibly America was well-received and widely welcomed,” recalls Martin Lycka, Entain Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, and Trustee of the Entain Foundation U.S. “We’ve since been working hard on enhancements to provide an even more comprehensive tool for maintaining responsible gambling, as well as for preventing and mitigating problems, should they occur.”

Lycka acknowledged partner organizations who contribute their expertise and availability to the Gamble Responsibly America app, including Kindbridge, the National Council on Problem Gambling, Nicasa Behavioral Health Services, My Wager Score, and others.

“This second edition of Gamble Responsibly America underscores the helpful resources of the first edition, with more tools, more educational information, additional languages and more resources that are available anytime and anywhere,” Lycka added. “Our goal with the app is simple – to educate users on safe gambling habits, and provide the necessary tools and resources to allow users to access help and support instantly.”

‘YourZone’ Looks To Be The ‘RedZone’ For All Sports

Looking to follow the huge success of the NFL RedZone channel, which has revolutionized how many fans watch football, OmniView Sports introduced its “YourZone” app, which it claims will “provide real-time, personalized notifications and alerts as well as automated channel tuning to match your preferences (favorite teams, players).”

Fantasy and gaming are two natural uses for such a service, with league scoreboard and Vegas odds from major sportsbooks presented on screen.

OmniView notes on its Website that YourZone will launch soon.

From the OmniView announcement:

The YourZone app uses patented technology to process real-time data to determine excitement levels surrounding a game, you’ll now watch every exciting moment in the sports world LIVE! The YourZone app and GameChangr technology guarantees this personalized sports viewing experience – automatically or with the touch of a button on the app, GameChangr tunes your television to what you can’t and don’t want to miss!

FOX Sports Super 6, Free-to-Play Sports Prediction Game, Launches

FOX Sports Super 6, a free-to-play sports prediction game that offers players the chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash each week, launches nationwide today.

Fans can enter multiple contests each week, with jackpot prizes up to $250,000 in cash. To play, users simply choose who they think the winning team will be and the corresponding margin of victory within predefined ranges or answer six multiple-choice questions, giving them a chance to split thousands in guaranteed cash prizes. 

FOX Sports Super 6 offers a variety of ways for football fans to play throughout the season, and will be offering two NFL games and a college football game at launch:

Super 6 NFL Sunday

To play, fans will select the outcome and margin of victory of six upcoming NFL Sunday matchups. Players who correctly select all six picks could win up to $250,000. If no player correctly selects all six picks to win the $250,000 jackpot prize, there will be smaller guaranteed cash prizes.

TNF Super 6

FOX Sports Super 6 is also offering up to $25,000 in guaranteed prizes for each TNF Super 6 game. To play, fans will answer six multiple choice prediction questions about the upcoming Thursday Night Football game, across the 13-game TNF schedule across FOX and NFL Network. The $25,000 in guaranteed cash prizes will be divided among the players who select the most correct answers.

College Football Saturday Super 6

For each Saturday of college football, fans can play by picking the winning team and by how many points (e.g. Texas by 10 to 14 points). There is a jackpot prize available each week with thousands guaranteed to be paid.

Mark Silverman, President, National Networks, FOX Sports said: “FOX Sports Super 6 brings our unique and entertaining Fox attitude and our unrivaled talent to this fun free-to-play game. The FOX Sports Super 6 app will heighten the excitement of watching live sports while simultaneously deepening our viewers’ engagement with our brand.”

FOX Sports Super 6 anticipates adding more sports, with basketball slated to start in October.

“These awesome free-to-play games will get fans closer to the sports they love, competing against FOX Sports stars to win huge prizes,” said Robin Chhabra, Chief Corporate Development Officer, The Stars Group. “The FOX Sports Super 6 app offers a quick, simple and fun experience that we think sports fans here will love, just like they do in other countries where we run them.”

The FOX Sports Super 6 app is now available for download in the App Store and the Play Store.

Youth Soccer Business Brings In Tech Partner To Engage Kids

Super Soccer Stars, the nation’s premier youth soccer organization, will launch a partnership with Famer , an Israel and New York based teaching app,  that will enable young players and parents to create and curate personalized training programs, messaging, and interactive feedback between coaches and athletes for the first time. The idea is to create a more user friendly and interactive environment for kids in the growing youth soccer space and then take that opportunity  to other similar spaces.

Soccer, and the over 100,000 engaged kids Super Soccer Stars has, is priority one.

“This will be the first of many digital offerings in our pipeline to drive home our vision of empowering youth through sport, something which is missing in the coaching pipeline today. We need to connect with our young people on any device and at any time possible, and by partnering with Famer, we will provide a mobile curriculum which supplements our classes to further engage our young Soccer Stars and their parents through our digital content. ” said Adam Geisler, CEO, Super Soccer Stars. ”Famer’s digital platform will become a core part of the Super Soccer Stars training curriculum going forward to enable our young athletes to tap into their full potential on and off the field.

“Consumers are used to be receiving on-demand access to communities from fitness classes to continuing education programs, but youth sports training has been missing that opportunity until now.  Famer provides that content for the first time, and there is no better partner to launch this than Super Soccer Stars with its proven curriculum, incredible teaching, and tremendous coaches,” added Rich Abend, CEO of Famer. “Our Famer Play product allows for better communication and provides a mobile and digital extension between Super Soccer Stars’ teachings and its parents, which leads to more fun and better participation for all.”

According to the release, Famer’s mobile app allows Super Soccer Stars’ coaches to share videos and instructions on how to perform Super Soccer Stars’ skills & drills at home, as well as assign weekly workouts and provide progress reports to athletes and parents. Super Soccer Stars customers from ages 2-X will be able to use the Famer app to digitally extend its age-specific skills and drills training program to the parent and the athlete as a supplemental interactive program at home.

With Famer, parents will have a clear understanding of their child’s training and development milestones and will receive the following:

●             Access to videos and descriptions week by week explaining their child’s Super Soccer Stars’ class activities.

●             Skills & Drills support their child by helping him/her work on what he/she just learned in class.

●             The ability to follow their participation progress.

●             Additional physical, mental, and social development activities for their child.

●             Quality time spent with their child by actively supporting him/her when practicing programs assigned by Super Soccer Stars’ coach.

Super Soccer Stars curriculum will be live via Famer’s app starting September 7.

Next steps on expansion to other sports and more interactivity will be rolled out later in 2019.

‘Video Poker Classic’ Gets Major Update

Tapinator, Inc. Launches Major Update to Video Poker Classic, the Top Video Poker Game on Mobile

Tapinator, Inc., a developer and publisher of category leading apps for mobile platforms, today announced that it has launched a major update to Video Poker Classic, the top video poker game on mobile.

Video Poker Classic is the most popular video poker game on iOS and is a leading video poker property on both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. On iOS, the title maintains over 25,000 reviews with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.0. One of the reasons for the title’s success is its consistency with a real-world casino experience.

To quantify the size of the video poker market, we can look to certain gaming jurisdictions, such as Louisiana and Illinois, that have published data specifically on video poker revenue. In 2013, Louisiana’s adjusted gross video poker revenue was over $600 million and represented 20 percent of the state’s net daily gaming revenue. In Illinois in 2013, video poker revenue was about $300 million relative to about $1.5 billion in adjusted gross casino revenue. In 2018, the revenue for the social casino market reached $5.2 billion, according to Eliers & Krejcik. Based on the size of the video poker market as a percentage of the real-money gaming market, we believe there to be significant growth potential for video poker within the social casino segment. Video Poker Classic is currently ranked approximately in the Top 150 in Downloads and Top 100 in Grossing within the Casino category on iOS.

Our new 2.0 version brings multi-hand capability, a popular casino feature, to the game’s core single-hand gameplay. More specifically, we have introduced Triple Play, Five Play, and Ten Play for all of our 39 game types. With this new version, Video Poker Classic has the richest offering of any video poker title on mobile devices, in terms of game types, gameplay formats (Single Hand, Triple Play, Five play, Ten play) and overall functionality.

“We are excited that, with this major update, we have yet again raised the bar for the video poker category on mobile devices. We are looking forward to future updates later this year that will continue to refine and optimize our category-leading product,” said Tapinator CEO, Ilya Nikolayev.