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Messier, Frazier, Bird, Boone Lead Off Steiner’s New ‘Athlete Direct’ Marketplace

A plethora of champion players and coaches – from New York Rangers Stanley Cup icons Mark Messier and Mike Richter to Football Giants Super Bowl legends Tom Coughlin and Mark Bavaro to women’s basketball greats Sue Bird and Nancy Lieberman to Yankees World Series champs Aaron Boone and Willie Randolph to college coaches Lou Holtz and Jim Boeheim – have all lined up to partner with Brandon Steiner’s brand new “Athlete Direct.” “Athlete Direct” is just another Steiner brainchild. He launched the new sports marketplace CollectibleXchange.com just over a year ago.

Steiner, who revolutionized the sports memorabilia and collectibles industry during 32 years as founder of Steiner Sports Marketing and Memorabilia, has transitioned from that company to transform the industry once again with the launches of “Athlete Direct” and (earlier) CollectibleXchange.com (in 2019); AD gives the players and coaches a “one-stop-shop” to sell memorabilia – autographed, game-used and commemorative items – as well as new product lines – directly to their fans.

In addition, collector’s will be able to have their own photos, jerseys, balls and other items personally-signed by the athletes. And that’s not to mention fan experiences for zoom one-on-ones to such video greetings as birthday messages, and specialize products.

“This was always the big picture I had in my mind,” says Steiner. “I found that over the years, there was too much of the same thing, hundreds, thousands of balls and jerseys signed by the same player. People bring collections to us, and are disappointed in their value because players just signed so much. Now we are away from the volume and give propriety to high end exclusive stuff; those ‘hard to get,’ cool, pieces. We’re trying to work on not only collectibles but also private items – from exercise machines to skin care products to healthy snacks.”

Collectibles Pioneer Brandon Steiner Launches Marketplace Website

Mark Messier, Brandon Steiner, Mariano Rivera

Brandon Steiner, whose former company Steiner Sports transformed the sports memorabilia landscape and dominated the industry for over 30 years, has announced an innovative new marketplace CollectibleXchange.com which will once again aim to once again revolutionize the buying and selling of collectibles.The website will create a community of buyers and sellers and allow them to set their own prices on unique memorabilia. Steiner and his team of experts will verify and/or authenticate as well as determine the value of your collectibles.

“CollectibleXchange is creating a platform for the players where they will be making most of the money,” says Steiner. “Former and current players, as well as the future pros now playing in college can come to us and we will guide them.”CollectibleXchange will be the “safe place to go to sell and buy collectibles,” added Steiner. “Athletes will also be able to sell directly to the collector at a price they determine without a huge mark-up.”

The seller can set a reserve price on each collectible, and there will be options for a straight sale at that price, or a buyer will be able to “make an offer” for the collectible piece.The mission of CollectibleXchange is to provide a marketplace community that maintains the highest level of ethics and authenticity, striving to provide a unique buying and selling experience [at will continuously exceed our clients’ expectations.CollectibleXchange will offer a trusted online collectible platform with a diverse product selection that caters to a global audience. 

This one-of-a-kind platform enables customers, top-tier collectors, store owners, professional athletes, celebrities and teams to sell their collectibles directly to the consumer.The CollectibleXchange platform will assist the seller in building direct fan base relationships, a personal brand and maximizing revenue from licensing, autographs and inventory, while expanding the overall reach and influence. They’re team of experts are with you every step of the way.